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This is to answer Sony Corporation of America response: I do NOT agree with their response.

Early May 2011, I was able to contact Mike and a 2nd representative at Customer Relations to inform that the laptop in reference started to have software and hardware problems while the 5-year extended warranty was active. I also explained to them that the AON Insurance 5-year extended warranty that SonyStyle at Menlo Park, Edison, NJ had sold to me had expired in March 2011. Mike and the 2nd Sony Customer Relations representative promised that Sony and AON will honor the repair of the laptop or change it if they are not able to repair it even thought the the 5-year extended warranty had expired in March 2011 as the laptop started to show software and hardware problems while the the 5-year extended warranty was active. Then a couple of days later Sony changed its position and they refused to transfer several calls I made to contact Mike.

Now, Sony is saying that the issue is between me and AON Insurance. It is important to indicate that I bought this laptop at the SonyStyle store located in Menlo Park, Edison, NJ 08837. It was SonyStyle that sold me the AON 5-year extended warranty agreement. An AON Insurance representative indicated that they will not repair the laptop unless Sony ask them to repair it. Sony can not say now that they are not responsible as they were the ones that sold me the 5-year extended warranty. Sony and AON are showing lack of ethics in conducting business by not following the agreement.

My Spouse listened all conversations I had with Sony and AON Insurance representatives and she certifies with her signature below that Sony first agreed to repair the laptop or change it in the event it could not be repaired, under the 5-year extended warranty, as the laptop started to show technical and hardware problems while the 5-year extended warranty was active. Proposed outcome: Repair it or replace it. It is the law.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sony Repair.

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Sony: Shame on you..., this is the computer I was using to look for a job.


Dear MauiAl49: The answer is yes, a few issues with the laptop had been reported to SonyStyle, AON, and Sony's Technical Support. Throughout the years, we had to use system recovery multiple times.

Later the CD/DVD drive was not recognized. Finally the screen died. All this happened prior to the expiration of the 5-year warranty.

Analogy: I buy professional insurance to manage projects.

If there are issues years later with the project. The insurance company needs to step in even after the project had been completed and the insurance has expired.


Funny as I look through the complaints, how consistent they are with my own experiences. Sony is yet another company I have never had anything but problems with. Their products are a waste of money.


Did you inform AON or Sony when the laptop first started having problems? If not and you only told them about it after the warranty expired I don't see why you feel they should help you.

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