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I remember a time when buying SONY anything was considered a status symbol , it represented high level quality and durability, everyone wanted SONY that could afford it. I purchased a Bravia 32” flat screen TV , I actually chose that because it was SONY , big mistake , it was a piece of crap, in the first year the remote on stopped working no big deal just bought another one , then after only 3 years the screen went black , only sound worked got it fixed , cost me $150.00 After another month same thing happens , I’m cutting my loses and throwing it out , TVs usually last at least 10 years in my experience and maybe more with SONY I thought.

After reading very bad reviews on the internet and my own experience I will never buy another SONY product again, I’m sorry you lost a life long customer

Allen Scott

Review about: Sony Tv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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it was resolved... i threw it out and bought a Samsung !!


I agree---Sony "ain't what it used to be." Just beware of those cheap brands like Element, HiSense, etc.

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