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I ordered two appliances and two extended warranties from SONY STORE. I received the appliances but not the warranties. I was told that I will get the warranties after eight weeks. I did not receive them after more than 10 weeks. I spent one hour today calling by telephone different consumer service numbers of SONY but nobody new about my purchase. The customer services of SONY kept send me from one telephone to another but nobody responded to my inquiry. They could not find my contract but i could see my orders in their Website. This is a fraud made deliberately by SONY to avoid compliance with their contracts and steel from their customers as much as they can..

Monetary Loss: $84.

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Same here in UK. Purchased Sony KDL55HX823 in December 2011 from Sony UK website.

It came with 5 year extended Sony warranty.

I registered it, but now it won't turn on and flashes 2 blinks, Sony UK say they can't see my 5 year warranty on their system so I'm not covered. Copied all my purchase documentation that staes clearly the 5 year extended warranty, but Sony won't accept it.Will have to take them through the UK small claims court.


Rosarino, As I understand you purchased 2 items with 2 extended Warranties respectively at the SONY Store, not its corporate website. Web Stores themselves are generally hosted outside of the realm of their corporate site, just as say Walmart Store isn't locate on its corporate site however provisional link might provide acccess to its web sore division. Hence copies of extended services you requested would more likely be found at the location you bought the actual product than corporate or consumer page.

ie; I bought my SONYs at PC Richards hence all of my purchase information would be found at PCR not SONY. Whilst SONY certainly had my products registered there if I had problem with my purchase the information I needed was provided to me by PCR (the vendor). Similarly the extended warranty (store code information) could be found on the actual receipt. A hard copy was never sent but it existed thats all that really matters.

If in fact this extension was purchased and not in force, your problem is then with the SONY online store. And if you purchased with credit card then credit card company could help tp recover your losses. You would of course still be without your extended warranty but you could get back the purchase price of extended warranties.

This is one of the great pitfalls of online purchasing, Corporate, Consumer and actual Store websites are separate entities rather than just one entity. done more for their own in-house convenience than yours. Plus consumers are never really connected with the vendors themselves, in fact some stores are actually hosted in somebody's living with zero products on the premises. Those stores may in fact ship from many different vendors with respective their warehouses or distribution centers.

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