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Sony ebook reader PRS-350

Cost: about $140.00

Replacement cost for the little

plastic stylus for navigating the screen: $63.00

You can only buy it from Sony.

So A couple of emails to Sony only gets me a "please call our support dept"

A couple of calls to the support people only results in "We strive to provide the best blah blah blah, we are sorry you are not satisfied with our product blah blah blah."

Really? really? not satisfied with having to pay 1/2 of the cost of an entire ebook reader to replace an aluminum and plastic stylus, that clearly only costs pennies to manufacture.

Oh! I'm sorry! I'm not satisfied with your product.

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Same Sony game year in and year out. They ALWAYS overprice accessories and spare parts.

They want their piece of *** in the landfill as fast as possible so you can buy another overpriced piece of their ***. I remember a rubber boot for one of their sport boom boxes costing $40.00 plus shipping. Support and service were only important when they were finishing off the American manufacturers of electronics equipment.

Zenith made the BEST products and they were bought out and buried by LG. Old Zenith products work for DECADES, not weeks.


I had this exact same problem with my PRS-350 stylus, it broke while in the reader. I cannot believe that they do not sell spares for cheap. It is obviously a part that can get lost easily, let alone that it is obviously prone to breaking under normal use.

Unacceptable Sony!

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