Purchased a game for play station 4. Went on line to companys website.

It requires you to sign up with your information. Did not realize it would use that info to create an account for the game!!!! Im the purchasing party. NO WHERE DID IT SAY THE INFORMATION YOUR GIVING IS TO SET UP A SONY PLAY STATION ACCOUNT.

I thought like most websites, it just needed to complete information for payment. Did not known anything other that I purchased a game, got a conformation.Gave the printed information to the person I purchased the game for. Found out It was put into an account with my name, was told I purchased the game on 12/10/20 and I can not exchange, because the time to do so was expired. WTH!!!!

Christmas gifts bought 12/10, can not be exchanged? Most people do not give CHRISTMAS gifts until CHRISTMAS!!!!!

User's recommendation: Go to retailers. In person.

Location: Portland, Oregon

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