This has been going on for a while now and i still have yet to get results from anyone. The only store we had here in san antonio was closed down in may or so of 2012. I am getting sick at all of this. i have been using this *** phone that sony sent out with a microphone problem that they knew about. I am tired of the one getting pushed around for any one over at sony to do anything at all. I have been attempting to resolve this since november of last year. YOU SONY need to figure something out. Or perhaps next time dont self a faulty product. don't try to start about you quality products either. Ive has two separate ps3 fireball on me. I'm an advent fan of the sony brand. Your customer service is widely known to be spotty at best. With complete lack towards your customers. The ones that continue to make sure your company doesnt get hit too badly by the economic downfall this world is coming into. The best and only way to keep your business afloat is to protect and keep your customers *** happy! Not ship out a mediocre device that can't even live up to the essential function it was created to do. what happened to this company? You use to show support for your products. Perhaps that was when you product had quality over quantity. i now have three seperate service numbers, simply for the fact it doesnt seem your customer support really pay attention, and instead systematically goes through a screen prompt while dealing with anything. I apologize for who has to read this until I find results that I am satisfied with.

Here are a few of the service numbers this particular case was given.I will be sendig this to everyone at sony I can locate the email address of.

Service Request: 1-323789138


Monetary Loss: $300.

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