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I want to make a complaint.

I am writing this email to show my outrage at Sony.

I live in Brazil and I bought a smartphone from Sony in the United States in December 2013.

- Smartphone: Sony Xperia Z1, model C6903, RMA #52414312346.

I'm a fan of technology, I participate in forums like xdadevolopement and I'm always up on the lastest innovations.

I've had smartphones of almost all brands and I never had any problem with them. I decided to try a Sony smartphone.

My sony started to present problems in May 2014. When I plugged the charger he had several errors in the system and I could not use it due to slowness. It was necessary to turn it off, connect the charger, turn it on and then I could use it while it was charging.

So I decided to upgrade the system to see if the problem disappears. After updating, the phone turned on but it didn't charge anymore. After discharge, I could not turn it on anymore. A red LED lights when I plug it in the charger and sometimes the Sony and battery logo appears but without raising the level of battery.

I traveled 6 hours to get to a Sony service here in Brazil and hear that the device could not be repaired here because it was an imported phone. It could not be repaired even if I want to pay for the repair.

I decided to call to USA Sony and a Sony worker asked me to send the phone to Laredo, TX and the phone would be repaired under warranty.

I received the phone with some docs saying that the unit was not repaired because there was a damage at the SIM card port.

The problem with the battery charge occurred while the SIM card was inserted into the cell and running perfectly.

I'm an engineer. I'm not *** to stick a SIM card the wrong way and force it to damage the input.

I never took off my SIM card except to send the device to warranty. I use only one mobile carrier here in Brazil and I have no need to keep taking the SIM card off and putting it on. I didn't even put the SIM card on after the problem appears and I would not risk to pay an expensive shipment from Brazil to the U.S.A. knowing that I had damaged the unit.

Tried to call and they didn't gave me a solution.

My phone went to Sony with one problem and it came with two problems. Now I have a 6 months smartphone that is a trash!

Review about: Sony Cell Phone.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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