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Dear Kazuo Hirai,

I write to lodge a complaint against the defect of DSC-HX30V and express my great disappointment to the quality control of Sony and design of this model. The poor quality control / design of this model have already spoiled my out-town holiday trips twice!

In early May 2012, I bought a DSC-HX30V (s/n: 5254049 made in Japan) for my one-month trip in Czech, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia starting from mid-May 2012. This trip was so meaningful to me as it signified the reunion of my 15 years marriage which almost broke-up, not to mentioned I had longed for visiting these countries. I hoped the HX30V could record these important memories for me. Unfortunately, in the middle of the journey, I was so astonished to note that black spots were captured in the photos took by HX30V when using its zoom function. I was sure that the black spots were not dust/dirt on the lens surface but was inside the lens as once I discovered the black spots, I had carefully clean the lens surface and camera body but the numbers of dust seen from the screen had been increasing. In addition, no scratches were found on the lens. Could you imagine my feeling on this! Once I saw the photos with black spots, they repeatedly reminded me the "black spots" in my marriage. During the rest of the journey, I had to frequently remind myself to mind the black spots and finally, I gave up and used another camera.

When I returned Hong Kong in mid-June 2012, I immediately brought the HX 30V to Sony's customer service centre for repairing, lodged the complaint and requested to refer the case to Japan’s head office for investigation. I was called to collect the repaired HX30V about 2 weeks later and was informed that my case was an individual incident and no other similar case had been reported. The staff told me that they had referred the case to head office and would let me know if there was any finding. Up to this moment, no further news from customer service was received. With the limited use of the zoom function, the repaired HV30X functioned normally afterward.

In the three weeks Malaysia trip starting from late May 2013, the black spots problem appears again when using the zoom function! They can be clearly seen in the photos I took. Unfortunately, I only brought HX30V for this trip and I have no choice this time!

Taking account to the sound reputation on Sony, I would believe my experiences in black spots are coincidence rather than caused by design fault. Yet, I have lost confidence in this camera and sure that it is no use to bring the camera back to customer service center for repairing as previous experience proved that it could not rectify the black spots problem. It is also perceived that the black spots problem would be repeated in my next trips. Against this background, I strongly request your company to replace a brand new HX30V or any model with functions no worsen than HX30V to me.

Best Regards

Cindy Cheung

Monetary Loss: $13500.

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During my holiday in wales, united kingdom, i just notice mine also have black spot like yours. I will go to sony center to find out why and to try to fix it.

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