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So I was lookign to buy a SONY VAIO keyboard skin for my wife's new laptop. I started my search in person at a Best Buy only to realize they were really only sold online. The Best Buy guy said that all the VAIO keyboards are standard and the same only differance is of course the size of the comp. I had a 14 inch C series laptop. I knew the color would be pink per the wife's request. So I search on the SONY website. First of all what the Best Buy guy said was wrong as each Series has its own keyboard set up. So I got a little dispointed at that. Then as I scanned the site I realized they dont produce all the colors for every type of Series keyboard skin! Someone explain to me how hard is to to mass produce these thin silicone rubber skins in all colors for all keyboard types! Absolute Corporate bullcrap! Thats when I realized that SONY was going to take me for a wild ride of negativity. Prior to this I had very few SONY purchases in fact it was only for small things like cheap end headphones and a mouse. I found the right color pink and it was 14 inch so I bought it on a whim hoping it would work out, of course it did not so I prepared to return it for a refund. I called customer service to probe them for why they cannot make all colors for all types of keyboards. Customer Service was unknowledgable and could not answer such questions. They seemed more like asking me how my holidays were and who I bought a laptop and keyboard skin for? They commented on the fact that my wife is so lucky for having a guy like me. I'm like who are you and why would be commenting on such things when your trying to end my issue with you. It took 1 hour for them to tell me that my second choice for color (purple) was unavailable, and that I needed to order red. Then they messed up my address because they were incompetant and couldn't spell. It seemed as though they were using a cheap headset to conduct this phone call. Static noises and low volumes abound this indivdual was a nightmare to talk to. Then once that was straight I was forwarded to handle my refund for the first purchase. That individual could not find my order anywhere and I will admit I misplaced at the time of the call my paperwork for that order. I gave up on these idiots who couldnt find my info in their system and I hung up. This is my final time doing business with SONY, absolutly horrible greed drivin corporation. As it says here on the webiste in the SONY Corp profile, its a Multinational Corporation and we all know the shenanigans they pull....

"Multinational corporations

Genocide of the starving nations!"

-Napalm Death "Multinational Corporations"

Product or Service Mentioned: Sony Headphones.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Well first of all I don't need a person like you to feel sorry for me. And second of all you better watch your own spelling.

I believe "Its" should have been "It's".

I am the one who feels sorry for you by missing the intention of my original post, and instead focusing on policing my grammar. In fact your comment shows you have the maturity of a first grader.


Its hard to feel sorry for you when you have the *** poor grammar of a first grader. You should go back to first grade.

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