I purchased a Sony KDS-60AL120 three years ago that has required 3 projection bulbs in less than 3 years to be replace and now the optical block is going bad. The optical block cost $1,500 dollars and Sony is aware of the problem and recently lost a class action law suite pertaining to the optical block failure and is now offering 2 replacement television sets to consumers that own televisions with optical block failures. The consumers that have accepted this offer from Sony are rating these replacement television sets as being of a very poor quality for various reasons.

After several hours dealing with Sony customer service representatives I was threatened with legal action by Liz employee number C1LB on 1/5/2011 to stop me from going public with the fact that Sony knows they have a problem and that their customer service is the worse of the worst.

So Sony have at it and let's just see who wins.

The Sony national customer service office is located in Ft Meyers Florida and the phone number is 1-800-554-6908 but don't be surprised if you're transferred to Manila Philippines. Anytime you call the priority support number at 239-768-7606 your calling the Philippines.

The Sony Executive Offices are located at 550 Madison Ave New York NY and the phone number is 212-833-6800. Howard Stringer the CEO of Sony is sheltered from the public but I'm still tracking down where he lives in New York and his personal address to make public.

Nicole Seligman Executive Vice President is also general council for Sony her extension is 43 and her administrative assistant would not even provide her name and never called me back as she said she would.

Robert Wiesenthal is the Group Executive and his extension is 7750,

his administrative assistant is Cathy and she took all the info and never called me back as she started she would. I had to run a game with the receptionist in order to get the extension number of the above individuals because they will not put you thru to these individuals otherwise.

The best thing I can advise anyone is DO NOT BUY SONY PRODUCTS because their customer service is the worst or the worst and I have the facts to prove it.

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Yes, Sony has the worst customer service and their TV and computers are known to have power supply and overheating problems when turning on the equipment. Sony only guarantee getting replacement parts for one year.

After that, you are on your own, because their two distributors only carry a few parts for my laptop. When I requested schematics for my laptop, Sony told me they don't have any schematics for any of the VAIO laptop computers. Sony could not provide me with a motherboard or a battery for my laptop, and when I purchased a genuine Sony battery from China, Sony told me I shouldn't have purchased it from China, as they don't support replacement parts from China. However, this computer was made in China.

For me to replace the small CMOS battery, I had to take apart all the cables and hardware connected to the motherboard just to locate the CMOS battery, which was well hidden between the motherboard and keyboard. Terrible customer service, no technical support, no parts for common failed parts, no call back from a supervisor.


this particular consumer nailed it perfectly


Support = no support. I have a 50" TV Sony Bravia and there is a 4" black line on top and bottom will not fit screen.

Either too big or undersized. Don't pay extra for a 50" if you only get a 40" screen


Customer service is no service. SONY sucks! Was once a good product now riding the coat tails.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #759982

It was interesting to view the above comments, and I have one that will top the above. I own Sony's "Flagship" $5,000.00 SACD player, the SCD-1.

I recently sent it to the Sony repair facility for what I was told would be an adjustment. As it weighs over 70 lbs, it had to ship FedEx. Long story short, they received my unit, determined it was over 7 years old, wrote me a note saying they don't support this player any longer, "past 7 years" threw away my original box and my extra double packing box, placed the player in a box too small, not padded enough, damaged the top, and in transit, the side was damaged and the remote controller was literally destroyed. There was debris all in the CD compartment, never identified what that was.

So, I sent Sony a beautiful, perfectly maintained, spotless SCD-1 that needed an adjustment, and got back a badly damaged player with a destroyed remote control. I called everyone, wrote everyone, emailed everyone, and by everyone I mean Nicole Seligman, Fujio Nishida, Howard Stringer, the CEO, Kazuo Hirai, National Customer Relations (Robert). No one would be responsible for my damaged player. According to Robert, my player's value is "0", according to Robert, it had a residual value of NOTHING.

Did not matter that the player was in NEW condition, no scratches, no blemishes, perfect, as a $5,000.00 player should be, NOPE, because it was over 7 years old, it's worthless, NO residual value!

So, I received a badly damaged player back, destroyed remote controller, and Sony has no insurance to take care of me, so what can be done with a huge company that can destroy a $5,000.00 SACD player and tell me the customer, oh, it has no value???? To this day, the case is still open, December 17th, 2013, and no one is calling me and I have written to every human I could find on the Internet with Sony, emails, telephone calls, no soap!

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #694022

I agree that Sony Customer service is seriously lacking. I purchased their 55 inch KDL-55NX-810 in 2010.

The set was plagued with Clouding and uniformity issues from day one. After several calls to Sony customer support I was able to get a technician to come out and tell me it was normal to have poor uniformity and clouding issues. I did not purchase their extended warranty because they would not fix the issue within their standard one year manufacturer's warranty. In August of this year the set developed several dead (black) pixels in the center of the screen.

I called Sony Support again and was told that this was normal for their sets and that they would not cover the repairs since I did not purchase one of their extended warranties.

I explained that I as a consumer do not have much incentive to purchase one of their extended warranties when they simply label any issue with the $2,500.00 set as "normal." So, for Sony, a $2,500.00 HDTV with poor uniformity and clouding as well as batches of dead pixels within less than three years of purchase is normal. I would not recommend one of their HDTV's to anyone since they do not stand behind their build quality.


Sony Canada sucks as well and wont honour valid claims. Their warranty for walkmans is buy another one.

Sony's old comercial was "Sony No baloney" should be revised to SONY FULL OF BALONEY

Sony stock chart tells the same story.

Byers Beware

Tampa, Florida, United States #598215

I agree sony customer service sucks and is worth a flip. Should Never Buy any Sony Products and convey this message to as many people as i can and i will.


I delt with the Face Book version of Sony's customer support, the supervisor told me if I had a problem to call Sony directly and gave me the number. when I called guess who answered, the same supervisor, REALLY.

Not to mention that two other people chimed into the conversation, don't know who they were, friends for support? The whole subject turned into a *** match and all turned into a waist of time.

I just wanted the optical unit to complete my tv and found one for 200.oo in stock at Sony. If Sony would sell the replacement tv at their cost to assemble and not the bargain price of 700.oo, might consider.


I also just purchased a Sony and was given the run around. I cannot recommend Sony products Viao T Series.

FIVE PHONE CALLS still no resolution.call spport efore you by a brand and make sure they are responsive.


I won't buy another Sony too. My brand new Sony headset broke in less than one month in a way that I found out online that many others have experienced.

Sony customer service played me like a fool by putting me on hold for 30 times in 30 minutes (I'm serious as I counted each time when I was put on hold for about 30 seconds and total time shown on my cell phone). The representative asked whole bunch of non-sense, non-related questions including who's my cell phone carrier and what's the purchase order number that I repeated it three times. In the end he told me (probably was laughing too) that I need to send them proof of purchase, THEN they would take time to validate it, which means to me it's still not resolved and he could have told me that in the first 30 seconds, not 30 minutes, without needing to ask me any question. I read another complaint about Sony Customer Service on CNET forum, a guy didn't get his speakers fixed which cost only fraction of his thousands dollars brand new, complete Sony home theater system set after sending the speakers to Sony with postage paid out of his pocket.

I have liked Sony since kid. They used to be so cool and have very fine quality and design. And now I'm very disappointed about their product and the way they treat their customers. What a pity for Sony that can't guarantee their quality and take care of their customers.

What a shame that they can't even sell TV's and walkman that they used to be so famous of while other companies like Samsung, LG, Sharp, Haier, etc. are taking over the market like Sony is nobody.

I feel the company is rotten from inside that's run by bunch of jokers here in US and their attitude and thoughtlessness shown in customer servicing. I am not surprised they are not doing so well and are losing their market shares fast on products like cell phone, computers, and flat screen TV's.


My laptop is fine save for a few glitches. It's missing two screws from the bottom and I took it to the store I bought it from to see if the could fix it. Alas the store said: You'll have to contact the manufacturer. We don't have screw kits.

It seemed easy enough. I went to the website. Clicked on a link. That link brought me to another link which brought me back to the first one. Recursion. Cute. Not to be dissuaded I called their number. The number told me to go to their website. I just needed the screw kit... I chatted with their online representatives. They gave me the recursion links and the phone number.

So I finally found out that if you call their number and press 0 three times then it'll send you to a REAL PERSON.

The lady was nice but told me that I had to send it in or go to the sony store. (not to be confused with a store that sell sony products) Well, honestly I wouldn't trust these people with a stick of gum at this point so I looked up the nearest store. The nearest store is a 10 hour drive.

All because they can't send me the *** screw kit which I know they have.

I will NEVER but sony products again. :(

Kaaawa, Hawaii, United States #434252

I bought this sony Vaio laptop in nov 2011. They shipped a wrong item.

In another 10 days I got the right one. In less than a month it crashed. I sent for repair, they fix the problem but technician breaks something else. I calls this customer care they are useless.

I even told them I am willing to give them the laptop for free. Every time I call them the representative has no clue about what was logged by previous one.

I will never ever buy a F*** Sony. needless to say they are losing billions...

to sajbwi #1568927

Sony had a laptop battery recall of 500,00 in 2006 that cost them at least 10 million dollars. Ever since then, their product support went "rock bottom".


i purchased a 3 d sony 46 inchn tv at sams club on 1-15-12 and got it home hooked it up but before i could watch 3D i had to get a 3D blue ray player so i did and i went to plug in the 3D transmitter there wasnt a 3D port on this tv so after further investigation i found out that sony put the wrong labels on my tv so i dont have a 3D tv. but paid for a 3D tv ,after 1 hour being transfered to differant people on the phone we got disconected and after calling back the 3 people i talked to were not there

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