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I purchased a sony vaio laptop in January of this year.The keyboard and mouse stopped working on the unit so I called Sony to get my product repaired.

Keep in mind, I live in Germany as a United States active dutiy army soldier. I purchased the product out or post exchange which is just like buying the unit in the United states. Anyways, I called to get my unit repaired and they told me they dont ship these boxes to APO addresses. This is ridiculous and I am boycotting SONY.

I want to know why I can buy a SONY product at an APO address but can not get it fixed from an APO address.This is unbelievable.


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Why are American troops still in Germany.America should never have been over there in the first place.


I hate that too; I live in Japan and the same problem for me.

The company has a narrow view of who their customers are and who they will not afford assistance to.

It is *** for them as solutions could be discovered that way (customers abroad), for future products, which would then outshine the competition.

No surprise the PS3 fiasco has cost em a bundle. And will cost em more in future.

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