Sony Playstation Video Game Console Reviews

Traded a brand new Xbox one s with warranty from GameStop with a person named Brianna on offer up says she has a brand new still in box ps4 to trade I get it and is covered up in dust I turn on the console and turns off right away like if there is a power shortage on the ps4 does not want to give me back my console gave me a old piece of *** and I gave her a brand spanking new Xbox I even asked her boyfriend if I was going to have any problems...
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Sony Playstation Video Game Console Review

I just had the worst experience with this app man sold me a PS4 with a controller.the controller works but the PS4 doesn' soon as I left the place we meet at he deleted a dis believed that someone will do something so wrong. Just going to take it as a lesson learned and never use this app again. Please Beware people!!!!