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My Latest Experience with Sony Corporation of America

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1. I own Sony’s Flagship SACD Player, the SCD-1, cost: $5,000.00. It should be mentioned, this player was literally the finest high end audio component the Sony Corporation ever manufactured, weighing approximately 70 lbs.

2. In November 2013, I noticed the player was not recognizing standard red book CDs some of the time, an intermittent problem.

3. I telephoned one of Sony’s repair stations here in Nashville, TN, explained my situation and the man spent 30 minutes speaking with me and said while he could possibly repair the unit, it’s a very technical component, and probably just needed an adjustment, something he did not have the tools to do, and recommended I call Sony and send to Laredo Texas for this higher level of component.

4. I called Sony’s repair number and spoke to a lady and explained that I have the SCD-1, explained I had already spoken to the local Nashville repair person, told her when I purchased the player, and she said to send to Laredo, quoted me a price of $147.00, and I immediately got the player ready for shipment.

5. As my player was in NEW, perfect, spotless condition, cosmetically as perfect as the day I purchased it, as a $5,000.00 component should be, I went overboard with my packing. I used the “original” box, which had separate compartments for the power cord, the heavy CD weight, the remote controller, everything was packed nicely in the original box. I then placed it in a third box and then suspended that box in foam peanuts, where there would be no possible way for the player to be damaged, even by the most aggressive package handler, but hey, it’s a $5,000.00 player!

6. Because the total package weighed over 80 lbs, my only alternative was FedEx or UPS, so I selected FedEx. The shipment cost me $82.00 to get the player to Sony with adequate insurance.

7. Weeks past with no communication from Sony in Laredo Texas, so I called them. I was told the player was shipped back to me a few days prior to my call. Their response, it was not repairable, as it had a bad motor and laser assembly, and after (7) years no parts for the SCD-1 are available. I immediately called other people at the facility and finally started speaking to Customer Relations, and finally National Customer Relations and they confirmed, there was no bad laser assembly or defective motor, the truth was no one at Sony even looked at the player as it was over the (7) year limit. No one ever addressed why I was told my player had a bad laser assembly and bad motor assembly. They have no parts, no remote controller, nothing for this $5,000.00 player, the literal “Flagship” of the Sony line. So, one of the first people I spoke to just invented a reason to ship the player back to me with nothing done, not even a simple diagnostic check, nothing was done at all, even with the detailed letter enclosed telling exactly what the player was doing and that it probably only required an adjustment, which I’m sure they could have done.

8. I received the player back in a single cardboard box with some expandable foam packed along the sides and the remote controller, heavy spindle weight, exposed metal prongs on the AC cord, and batteries placed on the side of the player, where they could easily move around in the box and do damage to the player, and they did, significant damage!

9. I received the player back with dents in the beautiful aluminum top towards the back and at the very front of the player. The side of the player was scratched badly by the accessory items that were not secured, but rather just placed in the box. The remote controller was literally destroyed. I IMMEDIATELY GOT ON THE PHONE AND SUBMITTED MULTIPLE PICTURES TO SONY CORPORATION, within minutes of accepting the player from the shipper. Sony was very quick to ask about damage to the box, and so I took pictures of the box, which had no damage, but I explained how much of the damage to the side of the player was done by accessories moving around in the box, and a lack of adequate packing, not to mention the box being too small for a 70 lbs $5,000.00 SACD player. There were no separate compartments for the separate pieces, just a single cardboard box was used to ship this player back to me.

10. For weeks I have now been dealing with National Customer Relations in Florida (Robert). Robert told me, because my player is over (7) years old, it has NO residual value at all, it’s worthless.

11. I explained these particular players sell on EBay frequently for $1,900.00 with small imperfections, or around $2,300.00 to $2,700.00 for one in pristine shape as my player was, before Sony damaged it. Robert’s response, EBay has nothing to do with how Sony values a product, and he reiterated, my player is over (7) years old, it has NO residual value at all.

12. I then explained to Robert, I shipped you a player with a small glitch with recognizing red book CDs, a player that needed an adjustment, in perfect, spotless physical condition, cosmetically as beautiful as the day I purchased it, and I receive it back damaged, dented, scratched badly, and with a totally destroyed remote controller, and Sony accepts no responsibility for damaging my player at the factory, then packing it poorly, not in it’s original box, which I sent it in, and was discarded by Sony.

13. Sony likes to have the customer pay an “exchange fee” if their product is not repairable by Sony, but I explained to Robert, the repair facility had no idea if my player was repairable or not, as they did not even take the time to view it. Furthermore, this is not a case where being repaired or not was even applicable, as Sony Corporation damaged my very elite, expensive SCD-1 player. I believe the damage to the top occurred at the factory, these dents came from something being dropped on the player. The scratches obviously came from the accessory items bouncing in the box and rubbing the side of the player, as evidenced by a destroyed remote controller.

14. So, at this point in time Sony Corporation refuses to compensate me in any way for damaging my SCD-1 Super Audio Player, no compensation whatsoever, as they maintain it’s over (7) years old, and has no residual value. What it’s worth to me, or should I say, what is WAS worth to me, it insignificant, they are simply NOT responsible for damaging a product I entrusted to them.

15. Robert has offered to ship me a Sony XA-5400ES SACD player IF I will pay Sony $900.00, again, an “exchange.’ Nothing is mentioned about Sony being responsible for damaging my player. I am not in a position to pay Sony an additional $900.00 to receive this new player which costs about ¼ what mine cost when purchased new, so my very serious damage claim goes completely unresolved with Sony Corporation of America.

16. I have tried numerous times in many ways to contact Ms. Nicole Seligman as well as SonyListens@amSony.com, and no one has answered my emails. I attempted to speak to Jacqueline, who is Robert’s manager, and was told Jacqueline does not speak to Sony customers. I absolutely do not understand how any company can damage a customer’s property and not be responsible for the damage, but unless I agree to pay an additional $900.00 for this “exchange”, I now have a damaged player that truly is worthless on the open market, as who would wish to purchase an SCD-1 with dents in the top of it and scratches on the side, no one!

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Nashville, Tennessee, United States #798435
:sigh It is March 24th, 2014 and I continue to fight the battle. The last offer from Sony was for me to purchase a replacement SACD player from Sony at their cost, which is $675.00, so I am paying Sony's cost for my replacement for the $5,000.00 player they damaged.

Not only do I pay for my replacement, they want my player back, which is still reading SACDs, so obviously I don't want to send it to them. I would send it to them if they replaced my player, free of charge, however, they want ME to purchase my replacement, as they do not want to loose one penny. My player would be replaced with a just recently discontinued player that sells for $1,249.00 on Amazon. Sony says if I don't wish to send my player back to them, they will give me $600.00 in the form of a gift certificate I can use on some Sony product, so I said, ok, I want to use it on the player you will sell me for your cost, $675.00.

Their response, Nope, can't do, you will have to take the $600.00 and buy our player at the list price of $1,499.00 if you take the gift certificate, and yes we want your player back as well on that deal too. I have been communicating with a Ms. Rothman in Nicole Seligman's office (Sony President) and now when I email her office, my emails are directed to SONY SECURITY, A Mr. Thomas Gardner or Director Spataro.

So, a heart felt word of warning, you just have NO idea who you are dealing with when you go in that store and purchase a Sony product. Their company is so locked tight, you can get anywhere with anyone. The President, Nicole Seligman simply cannot be reached under any circumstances, and she will not return any email or any call. I personally asked Ms.

Rothman if she was seeing all the many emails and letters I was forwarding and she said yes she is, but no call from Ms. Seligman. I can assure you, you mean absolutely nothing to the Sony Corporation, and to know that they do not support any audio or video component past 7 years, is enough to completely stay away from Sony, and I can assure you, after 7 years, you get nothing, no parts, not even a consideration of service, they check that manufacture date, and if you are over 7 years, your dead. I have been told buy retailers, if a person gets 7 years, they are doing good, as they have to deal with Sony not having parts even as soon as 2 years after a product is purchased.

Please don't let what happened to me, happen to you!

I paid $5,000.00 for their finest SACD player and now it can't be serviced and there are no parts, no remote control, nothing, it's a 70+ pound boat anchor.
Nashville, Tennessee, United States #793128

As I continue to fight this battle I seem to be loosing, I reflect on all the Sony purchases I have made over my lifetime, Beta products which I lost my hat on, Super VHS, lost on that as well, and now SACD, great format, and Sony simply did not market correctly and now I have a huge heavy boat anchor. Why in the world did not not purchase Marantz?

They have several GREAT SACD players, reasonably priced and they still support their products. When I read the article about Sony Japan, I began to see the writing on the wall, and not supporting their products past seven years is just a deal killer for me.

Everyone should read this very interesting article, it certainly opened my eyes!!




I am in the process of obtaining an SCD-1. Your story is a sad one. The best repair person I know for the unit is a gentleman by the name of Bill Thallman at Music Technology (google him).

I have considerable experience dealing with corporate problems. My advice is to contact somebody high up in Sony America that is willing to listen to your story. The higher up the ladder the better. I have had the best luck talking to Sales Managers as they care about Corporate Image and how a bad image affects the company. Make sure they understand how important the unit was to you and butter them up with chat about how you thought Sony was a fantastic company until this incident. Also let them know that great companies don't treat good customers that way.

Hope you have some good luck for a change.

to George #779812

Thanks for the kind words! I have gone as far up the ladder as possible, and it appears the buck stops with National Customer Relations in Florida.

I wish "someone" knew how to reach Nicole Seligman, I believe the President of Sony America. Anything emailed to the Sony "leadership" team is cut off immediately by National Customer Relations, nothing gets past them, and once they have made their offer, whatever that offer may be, you are literally taken out of their system and cannot get through to the people you have spoken to during the initial claim. I called a few days ago and stayed on the line 53 minutes before getting back in touch with the National Customer Relations department, with absolutely no headway towards solving my problem. I even sent Sony a posting from someone back in 2008 who also sent an SCD-1 to Laredo Texas, and it was damaged and shipped exactly as mine was, too small box, virtually no padding, and his was damaged just as mine was.

National Customer Relations response, things do happen!

So, as of 1/29/2014, I either pay Sony $900.00 for a replacement for my damaged SCD-1 or go away. If anyone knows who I can email or call and a number, PLEASE give it to me, because as I said, everything is blocked by National Customer Relations in Florida, nothing gets to Nicole Seligman or any of the other executives of Sony.

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