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This is the sum of the problem:

1. Purchased Vaio SVE14A16FGH from Sony Center Store in Delta Plaza, Surabaya, Indonesia for customer at the price of around USD $1200 in 18 June 2012

2. Laptop was used by my customer From 18 June 2012 until 10 July 2012 and my customer went to Europe for vacation until 26 August 2012.

3. My Customer came back on 26 August 2012 and turned the laptop on and the laptop always shuts down and the fan turn very loud before shuts down.

4. 27 August 2012, my customer returned the laptop to us and then we brought the laptop back to Sony Center Store Delta Plaza on 28 August 2012. The laptop was received in GREAT PHYSICAL CONDITION and NO SCRATCH by Michael and witnessed by Pak Endri.

5. Meanwhile my customer already have bad image regarding sony product and request a return money or exchange for another type since this model is DEFECTIVE. Sony cannot perform the duty and responsibility to replace defective laptop, so we are taking the responsibility because this customer is a very important and big customer for us. Unlike sony, we take responsibility and professionalism to give best service to customer instead of running away like sony.

6. Then after about 1 month, we received information that the laptop is done fixed from Sony Center Store (22 September 2012).

7. We took the laptop back from the Sony Store on 23 September 2012 morning and were helped by Pak Endry and we checked the laptop again together before leaving the store and there were new scratches and as in the picture, the laptop seemed to be scratched due to mishandling by either Sony Service or Sony Center. Sony Service blamed Sony Center for this problem because they said they received the laptop already scratched from the store. Now sony indonesia also try to run away from responsibility TWICE!

8. Sony did not want to be responsible for the defective items by saying they do not have exhange or return policy on any defective products.

9. As for the scratches, they claimed the scratches were already there when they received it. The weird thing is that sony staff already checked the laptop when I turn it in and it was in perfect condition as if it was new. If there were scratches, surely the staff in the store will acknowledge them since it is pretty big and very noticeable.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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