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I purchased a Sony R520A TV at Costco a week ago. Next to the TV's there was a little stand with tear away sheets offering 6 months free Netflix and Hulu+.

I tried to follow the directions to activate the offer and nothing worked. I called Costco's concierge service and they were unable to help so they conferenced in a Sony rep and we spent over an hour on the phone with Sony trying to convince them that they are in fact offering this promotion. Sony insists that the offer expired 12/21/13, but I'm holding in my hand a piece of paper that says that it is good through 3/31/14. Even with a Costco representative on the line with me, Sony refuse to honor the 6 months free Netflix offer that they are advertising in Costco.

Please see attached photos of said offer. Oh, and for the record, I was informed on Wednesday that this issue was being escalated to their engineering department and they'd get back to me in 48 hrs. 48 HOURS AND AN ENGINEER?!? YOU'RE PULLING SOME GUY OFF A NUCLEAR SUB TO CLIP A NETFLIX COUPON FOR ME?

so they finally call back today and apparently, Sony, it's taken 48 hours and an engineer for you to call me back today to ask me to email you a picture of the coupon WHICH I OFFERED TO DO ON WEDNESDAY! Sony has sky rocketed to the top of my "companies with crappy customer service" list.

To be clear, Costco has been great and is trying to help me with this and Sony won't even listen to them. If Sony won't even listen to Costco, what chance does a consumer have with this company?

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I'm getting the same problem, on hold still. :(

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