First im trying to reach Sony's web site and i found out cellphone number 877 865 7669. Almost wait an hour. put hold my phone. The woman picked up phone and asking my name and information. After transfer to some one. Who is Viron. I want to apply sony financing. He asked my all over information. SSN. We talked almost 1 hour. Because he had a bad memory. Keep askung my information. After 1hour an a half, he said declined my card. Im really surprised why why it cant be like that. im so angry with that. After finished the phone call. I applied by myself fill in the application. my card was approved. I called gocapital bank. I explained everything. Want to delete my first applicaion. They doing better than sony. Perfect service. I think you guys should learn that.

Viron fillin my application was wrongly or something thats why he said decline *** murun.

After i connect with chat with Mark daniel, who helps me nicely. But he saind laptop delivery date was 2days on the site was. Ge said on Monday. Im waiting 2day. When no notified nothinf email. Its so weird. I keep on eye on email address. Nothing. Again contact with Mark daniel. He said this is her fault he didnt check in store. My order was actually Jan 12, 2014. Omygod. i ordered Dec 11. Its almost an month. Omg he said i didnt check the in stock at this time. So annyoing. I already applied my sony financing card. What should i do when i cancel my order. its really hard im planning to move this address Jan 12. The supposed to deliver Jan 14. So MARK DANIEL always less pay attention. When im chatting almost an hour. If you guys want to cobversation. I have my conversation printed. Could you check this 2 employeer please.

And what should i do ny inconvenience.

First i had already applied credit card. Which is now useless. Daniel said you could cancel. Noo noo. Its the bad my credit history.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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